What we do?

The aim of this organization is to provide a professional support to all its members. We are a NOT FOR PROFIT organization working under clear transparent and easily accessible drafted Constitution with elected members in the governing body. We DO NOT encourage ANY political affiliations as a group. All financial transactions are scrutinized and reported quarterly by our named Chartered Accountant and is easily available in the website.


We have a dedicated APP to ensure safety of doctors in the workplace. Regarding workplace protection, we are proud to offer our members, an attractive professional indemnity package at a rate that will be unavailable elsewhere. We also proudly announce our association with a well-established Legal Team based in the city to deal with any medico-legal aspect of our individual members.


Besides these, we will very soon be able to provide for all our members advice regarding job contracts and any employment dispute. We are always in the mood for further evolution and are open to all your suggestions.